Bijoux Pearls Highlights Their Pearl Collections for Christmas 2012

Bijoux Pearls are preparing for Christmas 2012 with a stunning collection of Pearls of all Shades for all tastes. 

Pearls are at once classic and trend led. The wearing of pearls either in choosing a classic pearl jewellery style or wearing one of our new contemporary pearl designs ensures that pearl jewellery is available for everyone and suits different styles.

Pearl jewellery such as pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and pearl earrings are usually seen as a one of the most classic types of jewellery and with pearls available in a range of styles, lengths and colours, can be worn in a multitude of ways. For example, lavender and peach toned pearls have really become popular over the last number of years and we have seen particularly younger women wearing coloured pearls as a fashion statement. Pastel coloured pearls are especially suited for the summer months and as pearls are traditionally the birthstone for June, pastel coloured pearls are ideal for the summer months.

Pearls never really go out of style. We are also seeing more woman purchasing different shapes of pearls what we would call baroque pearls that are not quite round but have their own kind of chic style to them.

Other type of contemporary pearl jewellery such as tin cup pearl necklaces which is a pearl necklace made with pearls strung with a sterling silver link are also popular says as they are an update on the classic pearl necklace and in fact the tin cup pearl necklace is already becoming a modern classic as it is a more contemporary pearl necklace design.

To assist customers with the large range of pearl jewellery available on the pearl jewellery boutique,, a number of trend reports and guides are available on the site that will assist customers in updating their knowledge of pearls.

Our Pearl Jewellery guides range from a general guide to pearls, to a guide on pearl colours, a pearl gift guide and ways to wear various types of pearl jewellery.

In terms of the pearl colours available from, pearl colours range from classic white pearls to chocolate pearls and gold pearls. Our pearl jewellery is made from a range of pearls from freshwater to cultured pearls and we feel it important that customers who want more information on pearls have access to the different types of pearls available and the history behind the most classic of pearl jewellery. Coloured pearls in particular do lend themselves to fashion led pearl jewellery and we have offered a designer inspired range of pearl jewellery using pearls teamed with semi precious stones and other materials for example pearls teamed with shell flower focal points.

Bijoux Pearls is an online pearl jewellery boutique which specialises in all types of pearl jewellery such as pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets. Bijoux Pearls also offers a range of pearl wedding jewellery and pearl bridesmaid and flower girl jewellery for all occasions.

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