Pearl Colours

Pearls come in a variety of colours.  Pearl colour depends on the type of oyster or mollusk that produces the pearl (certain types of oysters  produce pearls of certain colors), as well as the conditions of the water, and the type of nucleus which is implanted to stimulate the pearl's creation.  Also diet, water temperature and pollutants can determine pearl colour.


Freshwater pearls come in a wider variety of colours than salt water farmed pearls (Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls).  Colours include pastel colours such as white, ivory, pink, lavender, mauve and peach and other colours such as black, chocolate, grey/silver.

White or Ivory Pearls

White is the first colour people think of when they think of pearls.

Ivory Pearls

Pearls come in a range of colours in the white to ivory spectrum from white to a creamy white which is almost a light lemon colour.  

Pink Pearls

Pink pearls come in a range of shades.  Naturally pink pearls are a light pinkish colour.  The more dark pink colours are probably dyed pearls.

Peach Pearls

Peach pearls are sometimes called pink pearls but we do see a difference with the peach colour having a salmon pink hue. 

Mauve, Lavender or Lilac coloured Pearls

Pearls in this colour range can range from the lightest lilac through to medium lavender and Mauve.  Colours can range from pale to dark.

Black Pearls

Not really a pure black colour, black pearls are more likely to have tones of dark silver, grey, aubergine, peacock, iridescent dark navy blue to other dark shades.  

Tahitian pearls only come in a black/dark hue.

Peacock Pearls

Peacock pearls come in colours which are a mix of dark green, dark navy blue and dark silver.  The colour is an iridescent dark/blue silvery colour.

Gold or Yellow Pearls

Golden pearls are mainly found in the South Sea pearls range but some freshwater pearls can also come in a light gold colour. 

Multi colour pearls

Mainly pearls that come in a range of pastel hued colours from white, pink, peach, lavender or mauve.  A selection of pastel hued pearls are arranged together to form a necklace or bracelet showcasing the range of colours.

Rainbow pearls

Rainbow pearls (also known as Cortez pearls) are grown in Mexico and have 3 to 4 colour hues ranging from purple, black, dark pink to navy blue all in one pearl.  They have a shimmering luster and the colours look as thought they change colours when they catch the light.