Bijoux Pearls Guide to Pearl Care

Treat your pearls delicately as they are natural products and need to be taken care of.

Protect your pearls by storing your pearls in a soft pouch (velvet, silk or satin) first and then placing in a jewellery box

If you can, try to store your pearls in a straight line and not bunched or pooled up

Keep your pearls away from other jewellery or hard objects which may mark your pearls

Protect your pearls from chemicals such as hair spray, perfume, water, cosmetics and other chemicals as the acids found in those chemicals can attack pearls

Do not wear your pearls when exercising, swimming, cooking or taking a shower.  Pearls absorb water and can also absorb steam and smoke from cooking

Keep your pearls away from extreme heat.

Pearls thrive on being worn wear as often as you can to allow the pearls to breath they get better the more often they are worn

Like with other jewellery, put your pearls on last after your perfume and make up

Wipe your pearls gently with a soft damp cloth before you put them away

Depending on how often you wear your pearls, get them restrung every 1 2 years as the silk can collect dirt which affects the strength of the silk.