Pearl Necklace Lengths – How to Wear Pearls

Pearl Necklaces come in 5 lengths ranging from choker length at 12 to 13 inches to the super long rope pearl necklaces from 37 inches to more.

Tradionally the different lengths of pearl necklaces have been associated with certain age groups but we at Bijoux Pearls feel that any one can wear any length of necklace and it does not have to be based on age but on the occasion for which the pearls are to be worn.  The wearer’s personal taste and creativity also plays a part.

 Listed below are an explanation of the various pearl necklace lengths and how they should be worn and the fashions they can be worn with.

The Pearl Collar or Choker

Length ranges from 12 to 16 inches are made up of one or more strands of pearls.  The choker or collar is designed to lie flat against the neck. The necklace evokes the type of jewellery of the Victorian era and is a very feminine piece of jewellery.  Pearl collars or chokers complement boat neck, v-neck or off the shoulder clothing and can be worn with anything from formal evening wear to casual fashions.

A single strand choker is appropriate for day wear with the multiple strand chokers appropriate for cocktail or evening wear.

The Princess  Length Pearl Necklace

Length ranges from 17 to 19 inches.  The princess length necklace is the most common length for pearl necklaces and 18 inches is considered the classic length for pearl necklaces.  The princess length pearl necklace is an excellent start if you don’t know which length you should go for and this length is the most versatile.

This length of necklace can also be enhanced by adding a pendant perhaps in a semi precious stone to the necklace to update.   

The princess length pearl necklace suits crew and high necklines and also goes with low necklines.  Bijoux Pearls stocks a range of pearl necklaces in the Princess length.

The Matinee Pearl Necklace

Length ranges from 20 to 26 inches and is a few inches longer than the Princess Length Pearl necklace and shorter than the opera length pearl necklace.  The Matinee length necklace should fall just to beginning of the cleavage area and is suitable for high necklines, clothing such as formal or evening gowns or long sundresses or business clothing.

The Opera Length Pearl Necklace

Length is 26 – 36 inches long and is quite versatile.   The opera length pearl necklace can be worn long as a single strand or it can be looped to create a two strand pearl necklace or choker.  It can be knotted at the bottom or at the top to create a stylish look.  Classic opera pearl necklaces are tradionally worn with evening gowns but they are now worn for a number of occasions ranging from casual to formal. 

The length of the Opera length pearl necklace  should fall to the mid – section. 

The Pearl Rope Length Necklace

Length is 37 inches or longer.  The pearl rope length necklace can be doubled or tripled to make a multi pearl necklace. The trend now is to tie a knot or two into the necklace for a look evoking the flapper styles of the 1920’s. 

Another way to wear the pearl rope necklace is to wear the pearls trailing towards your back and this style goes particularly well with a backless dress.

The pearl rope necklace can be worn in a multitude of way. See our guide on wearing rope pearls.