Bijoux Pearl Gift Guide


Pearls have tradionally been given to mark each milestone of a woman’s life from the toddler with her first set of pearl jewellery or a pearl bracelet to the anniversary gift.


Pearl jewellery is a natural classic and will never go out of fashion.  Choose from pearl necklaces to rope length necklaces and pearls from our designer pearl jewellery collection.   

A pearl necklace signifies purity and innocence and a whole number of other? for the wearer or giftee. 

Christmas Pearls
Pearls are an ideal gift as a Christmas present and come in all styles and colours. 

Birthday Pearls

Pearls given on a first birthday, 5th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 15 and 16th birthday are ideal for girls and pre teens.  Pearls presented on her 18th and 21st are also ideal.   There is no reason for why a woman should not receive a pearl gift for every birthday.


Valentines Day Pearls

Pearls and romantic and can come embellished with hearts and other charms.


June Pearls

June is tradionally the month for pearls and weddings. 


Mothers Day Pearls

Pearls given for mother’s day are a tradional use of pearls as a gift.


Mother of the Bride Pearls

A gift from her new son or daughter in law is a fitting end to the wedding celebrations.


Pearls for the New Mum

Giving pearls to a new mother can be given as a celebration of the new life brought into the world.   The new mum and baby can also have matching pearls…


Pearls for the new baby

Pearls are a suitable gift for baby – we would recommend waiting until your baby is between 12 months and 2 years before purchasing a necklace or bracelet.  Pearls can still be given as a new baby gift and can be kept for when they are older.


Pearls for a Christening, Baptism or Holy Communion Gift

Pearls evoke purity and innocence and are the perfect gift to celebrate a Christening or baptism.


Pearls for the Toddler or Baby

A simple one strand necklace and or bracelet made with button pearls evoke innocence and purity.   The pearls would measure 5.0 to 5.5 cm each.


Pearls for a Little Girl

A simple one strand necklace and or bracelet made with smaller freshwater pearls of between 5.5 and 6.5cm. 


Pearls can be given as confirmation, bridesmaid and birthday gifts and can also be seen as a heritage gift – something to be kept and perhaps passed on in the family.  A simple pearl necklace can be replaced at various milestones in a girl’s life with strands with bigger pearls. Milestones such as her sweet sixteen, graduation, engagement and marriage can all be marked by the presentation of pearl jewellery.


For Teens

The classic tin cup necklace or single strand of multi coloured pearls are suitable and go with more contemporary fashion styles.  Also bracelets especially pearl charm bracelets may also be suitable for teens.   The super long rope pearl necklace is also on trend with teens wearing the necklaces in a number of ways from lariats to double loops and knots.  A necklace comprising of rice or small baroque pearls is also suitable.


The Bride

Pearls make the bride and pearls are a favourite for weddings because the natural colours they are available in complement the wedding dress and other accessories.


From pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets to tiaras, pearls evoke a timeless, classic feel.


For Mothers, Grandmothers and Aunts

For the women lengths from princess length to rope length pearl necklaces can be given and a necklace made with multiple strands of pearls will go down a treat.


Pearl Wedding Anniversary

Pearls are given for the 30th wedding anniversary.   Pearl jewelry such as a necklace, earrings, pearl pendant, earrings or bracelet ae the perfect gift to give to celebrate a pearl wedding annivearsy. 

For Anniversaries

There are two dates that signify anniversaries and their use of pearls.  Pearl earrings or a strand of pearls are the traditional anniversary gifts


Pearls for the Bridesmaids and flower girl

Sweet pearl jewellery is a perfect gift to celebrate a wedding.  Thank your bridesmaids and flower girls by presenting them with a pearl bracelet, pendant or necklace.


All our designer pearl range for children comes with the option of choosing a silver charm to complement.


Pearls just because

Treat your self to a strand of pearls for any occasion.  Pearls are not only suitable for special occasion but for work and casual wear too. There are many designs that can be adapted for different type of wear.