How to Wear Rope Pearls

Bijoux pearls rope pearls can be worn in a number of ways.  Rope pearl necklaces are becoming popular we think because they evoke the flappers of the 1920s but we also think because they are so classy and can be worn in a number of ways.  Rope pearls have been worn by everyone from Cocoa Chanel (who championed the use of costume pearls in her designs) to Sarah-Jessica Parker.  

Our rope pearls come in white, chocolate, lavender and pink and because they come in a range of colours they can be worn with everything from t-shirts to dresses to more formal wear.

Long rope pearls give you a number of styles to work with, you can loop them layer them, pair them with other necklaces or wear them as a bracelet.

Opera Length and rope length pearls can be worn long or loose

Wear rope pearls tied with a knot you can tie two knots at the end of our rope pearls

Wear rope pearls with knots starting from the lower neck and making 2 or 3 knots along the line

You can also wear our rope pearl strands as a double or triple strand necklace.  Our rope pearls are threaded on silk all the way through with no clasp so the design possibilities are endless.  You can choose to have the same length strands or make each strand longer than the last (graduated strand).

Wear your rope necklace in two different length strands, with the shorter strand near the neck and the second strand as a longer length strand

Wear your rope pearls as a lariat take both ends of the pearl and tie around your neck once you can adjust the knot to high or low depending on your preference

Wear your rope pearls as a belt by looping through one end over the other

Wrapped around the next once or twice with the remaining strand left hanging as a longer strand

Wrapped like a scarf around the neck hold the rope pearl horizontally at the base of the neck then slip one end of the necklace through the loop at the other end

Wrap rope pears a number of times around your neck to create a chunky pearl choker

Add a small satin or velvet bow to your strand to add a touch of embellishment and colour to your outfit

Dressing up:  Rope pearls go very well with a little black dress go for white pearls for classic elegance or other colours for a more contempary twist.  If the neck on your classic dress is high, you can wrap your pearls around your neck once or twice with the longer strand left to hang down.