Types of Pearl Jewellery

Tin Cup

The pearl tin cup necklace is the more contemporary pearl style you will find today and is named after the necklace worn by Reno Russo’s character in the film ‘Tin Cup’.

The pearls are typically spaced with a metal bar or silver or gold chain spacing between each pearl and the affect is that the necklace looks as though it is floating when worn.  Our tin cup necklaces are all made with sterling silver and it is very nice contemporary design that can be worn with a range of clothing styles.  

Classic Pearls

Classic pearls are those designs that one typically thinks of when it comes to pearl jewellery.  The most classic pearl jewellery is the white string of pearls in a range of lengths, the classic pearl bracelet and earrings.   Typically classic pearls are given to represent milestones from birth to anniversary.  For example a strand of pink or peach pearls is suitable for younger children or as a first set of pearls.

Opera Length Pearl Necklaces

The opera length pearl necklace typically measures between 26 and 38 inches and is a longer length necklace which can be knotted or left loose.  It will typically fall to mid chest length.

Rope Pearls

The rope pearl necklace is extra long typically 37 inches or longer.  The rope pearl necklace can be worn in a number of ways and although tradionally worn at formal gatherings, the wear of rope pearls had been updated and can be worn for any occasion in a number of styles.  Our rope pearl necklaces are 54 inches in length.

Pearl Pendants

A pearl pendant is a classic design as one single pearl either round or drop shaped is hung from a sterling silver, white gold or gold chain.  The most classic designs are for a white pearl to be hung from a chain or black Tahitian pearl.

Floating – Illusion Pearls

A pearl illusion necklace (or floating necklace) consists of a number of strands of invisible necklace threads that have been liberally spaced with pearls.  The affect is a necklace that has the look and wow factor of a multi strand necklace but at the same time presents a more delicate and ethereal look.  Illusion pearls are highly suitable for weddings as they draw the eye to the bride and are quite weightless. The give the illusion of the pearls floating around the neck are very pretty.  Pearls used can be a mixture of freshwater pearls and keishi or nugget pearls.  We sell multi strand pearl illusion pearls using around 6 – 8 strands of pearls.

Pearl Lariat Necklaces

The pearl lariat necklace comes in  a range of designs from multi strands of pearls that are to be pulled through a pearl hook to a single pearl drop hung on chain which is then drawn through a round hook and adjusted to fit.

Twisted  Torsade Necklace or Bracelet

A torsade is a necklace or bracelet made from multiple strands of pearls that have been twisted into one style.  Pearl colours range from single colour i.e. white, pink lavender to torsades made out of a selection of pearl strand colours typically mixing a darker colour pearl with white or ivory.

Multiple Strand  Pearl Jewellery

Multiple strand pearl jewelley typically uses 2 or more strands of pearls and this design is usually used for necklaces.  The necklace can be graduated with first strand being the shorter length and graduating in length until the last longer strand or the multiple strands can be formed into a pearl choker designed to lie close to the neck in a number of strands.

Multiple strand necklaces can use single colour pearls or a selection of colours.

Contemporary and fashion pearls

Pearl jewellery now ranges form the classic styles to styles incorporating different edgier pearl shapes and semi precious stones and or crystals. 

Pearls come in a range of colours such as white, pink, peach, lavender, chocolate, silver and can match any outfit or occasion.