Fashionable Ways to Wear Your Pearls

Pearls look lovely worn with an adjustable pendant of your choice semi precious pendants look good with pearls

Mix your pearls with other necklaces or bracelets with other beads or semi precious stone

Try different types of pearl earrings the classic pearl earring goes with everything but drop pearl earrings are also nice

Wear more than one strand of pearls by twisting them to make a chunky necklace try pearls of different colours, shapes and sizes. 

Wear your pearl necklaces as double or triple wrap bracelets.  Wrap your pearls around your wrist by putting your wrist through the length, twist and loop and then put over your wrist again.  Do this until the entire length of the pearl necklace has been looped into a bracelet.

Make a pearl and vintage brooch bracelet by wrapping the folded length of your pearl bracelet around your wrist a few times and securing with a brooch.

Add a vintage brooch to your pearl necklaces this looks good especially on the side of the necklace or the centre bottom of the necklace.

Layer short and long necklaces together you can even add in silver and gold and cameos to go with your pearls.

Wear your pearls with other jewellery such as silver or gold chains or pendants in different lengths or necklaces made with semi precious stones